Heres the lyrics to DJ Pauly D's awesome song!

You'll be nobodys tonight

being a guido is a way of life

it takes me 25 minutes to do my hair

im so fresh i got a tanning bed in my house

Im DJ Pauly D

im gonna have you fist pumping all night long

This is DJ Pauly D

Being a guido is a way of life

I dont represent all italians

i represent myself

I started this whole GTL shit

Gym, tan, and laundry.

You gotta stay fresh

yea its time to

Beat dat beat up ( x 16 )

yo how come when im dj'ing there will be a hot ass girl but she got and ugly ass friend?

Come on man

i aint got no time for that

im only dealing with 9 and 10

not no 3 and 4

so if youre trying to get in my DJ booth and youre trying to come home with me

DJ Pauly D

Then you and your friends better come correct

There will be no grenades tonight

It's time to

beat dat beat up ( x 10 )

where my ladies at make some noise

where my fellas at cant forget my dogs

make some noise

when youre not in your seat

and youre rocking with Dj Pauly D

dat beat hits you, you need to fight back

so what i need you to do right now is get down real low and start tapping that ground

keep hittin it, keep hittin it

now work your way up

fight dat beat

now pump yo fists

it's time to

beat dat beat up ( x 32 )

it's time to

it's time to

we're taking over the world